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March 4, 2021

Veterans of the Puget Sound who are enrolled in the VA system — no matter age, health or living situation — can now get a COVID-19 shot at VA Puget Sound Health Care Systems facilities.

The health care system is offering the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to any veteran who is already enrolled with in the VA health care system. Shots will be available at the American Lake and Seattle medical centers, as well as the Silverdale and Mount Vernon clinics. 

Veterans who aren’t enrolled can check their eligibility on the VA website. 

Appointments are required. Eligible veterans can call 206-716-5716 or contact their primary care team to sign up. The phone line was experiencing a high volume of calls Wednesday, and the VA said patience may be required to get through. 

The VA said on its website that it is continuing to prioritize veterans who are at higher risk for COVID-19 and, therefore, younger and healthier individuals may be scheduled further out. 

“We continue to proactively contact Veterans to make vaccine appointments and prioritize Veterans at high risk, who are older, have existing health problems, those living in nursing homes or other group living facilities,” the VA said on its website

7 ways to manage your stress during the COVID-19 outbreak


link to the document below: AI Corona Virus Preparedness Team 1.pdf

AI Preparedness Committee - Coronavirus

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1.     Coronavirus Information 
There is a lot of misinformation on TV and online.  Look for factual information from the following websites:  
b.     Pierce Country Health Department   
2.     How to talk to children about the Coronavirus
a.   Avoid letting children listen to the news for more than shorts periods
b.     Discuss the news about the Coronavirus with honest and age-appropriate information. Assure them that your chance of acquiring the illness is very low.
c.     Focus on things your family can do to stay healthy and keep others healthy
d.     Teach them how to wash their hands properly – 20 seconds
e.     Talk about how to sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, and then wash their hands
f.      During difficult times, children do best if they have predictable routines and lots of time to play 
g.     Talk with your children about others who are lonely who might benefit from your family reaching out to them in some way
h.     Remember that children will observe your behaviors and emotions for cues on how to manage their own feelings during this time 
3.     How to protect yourself and your family from Coronavirus
a.     Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
b.     Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
c.     Avoid close contact with sick people
d.     Use a tissue or your elbow to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Throw used tissues in the trash and wash your hands.
e.     Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
f.      Stay home and away from others when you're sick
4.     Medical supplies to keep in stock but not hoard
a.     Soap; hand sanitizer is not needed if you wash your hands properly with soap and water.
b.     Ibuprofen or Tylenol for fever or aches
c.     Thermometer - your provider will need to know your temperature if you call about symptoms
d.     Masks are only for those who are sick - if you wear them, don't touch them. Please don’t hoard them. 
5.     Who to call if you have symptoms of Coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath)
a.     If you are having difficulty breathing or other serious health issues, call 9-1-1.
b.     Call your primary care provider for symptoms that aren’t life threatening. They will give you instructions about what to do.
c.      If you don’t have a primary care provider, call a Pierce County Coronavirus triage center
                                               i.     Multicare -  - Free
                                              ii.     CHI Fransiscan - - Fee can be waived
                                            iii.     Kaiser Permenente members - Call 1-800-297-6877 or 206-630-2244 (TTY 711) to talk to an Advice Nurse 24/7.
d.     Call an AI Health Ministry Nurse at 253 225-5173
6.     How to get to the hospital or a medical appointment if you are sick
a.     If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 and you will be transported to the hospital. 
b.     If you are not having an emergency but are having flu/Coronavirus symptoms, call your primary care provider or one of the triage lines listed above for instructions. 
c.     If you are instructed to go to the hospital, call 9-1-1 for transportation if you don’t have a family member to take you. 

For AI Residents Isolated at Home
1.  Prescription Medications
a.     Call your pharmacy to see if they can send your prescription
b.     If you need help with a prescription pick-up, call:
                                              i.     Catholic Community Services  - Bonnie Bernard – 425 591-5277
                                             ii.     Call the American Legion - Jim Cook 253 858-8726 or Susanne Winkler 253 884-7737 or email Jim at jtcworld @ You do not need to be a veteran to receive this service. 

2.    How to decrease fear during this time  
a.     Limit the amount of time you spend watching the news
        b.     Do some creative activities
                         i.     Learn a new hobby  (painting, knitting, carving, etc.)
                        ii.     Write down some life stories, or write a letter in cursive to someone you love (a dying art)
                       iii.     Cook or bake something unusual or new
                        iv.     Have a new recipe potluck with neighbors
                         v.     Take photos around our island and post them
c.     Maintain connection with others  - the mental health risks of social isolation, especially for the elderly is profound and often leads to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
                         i.     Call your neighbors, just to check in or to tell stories
                         ii.     Look for others who have needs and help them in some way
                        iii.     Have a movie contest (best, worst, most ridiculous, etc.)
                        iv.     Offer a book club online
                         v.     Offer to teach someone a skill that you ha
                        vi.     Go for a walk/hike with a friend
                       vii.     Get creative about staying connected
d.     Increase your exercise
                          i.     Watch for activities offered by the gym that do not involve large groups
                          ii.     Go for walks outside to get fresh air and enjoy our beautiful island
e.     Focus on the here and now instead of worries about the future. Look for things that bring you joy, laughter or peace.
f.  If you would like prayer or other spiritual support
   i.  Call your pastor, priest or other spiritual leader or a respected friend
  ii.   You can call Brad Fogal, pastor of Anderson Island Christian Fellowship (949 292-7461) if you would like a pastor visit or                                 prayer.

4.    If you are feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances

a.     Talk to friends and family about how you’re feeling

b.     Ask to be on the AI check-in list so you can be contacted every few days by a fellow islander. Call Jim Cook 253 858-8726 or Susanne Winkler 253 884-7737 or email Jim at jtcworld @

c.     Seek professional help

  i.     Call SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUS” to 66746

  ii.     Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or text “TALK” to 741741 

                                              iii.     Ask your Primary Care Provider where to get help

       iv.     Look online for mental health professionals


If you would like to volunteer to help with transportation or food/supplies/prescription pick-ups, please call The American Legion - Jim Cook 253 858-8726 or Susanne Winkler 253 884-7737 or email Jim at jtcworld @ 
Resources Available on Anderson Island

1.  Food/Supplies
a.  Our AI General Store – if you need help with pick-up, see below
b.  Prepared Meals (find information on the AI app)
         AI General Store – 253 884-4001 
                                                        i.     Same day meal orders, geared toward families
                                                      ii.     Order ahead meals, geared toward 1-2 people
c.     AI Café – 253 884-1300
d.     Riviera Lakeshore Restaurant – Take-out meals – 253 884-3344

2.  Catholic Community Services  - Call Bonnie Bernard – 425 591-5277

a.     Rides to appointments for people without flu symptoms

b.     Meal delivery from the store, café or Lakeshore Restaurant

c.     Prescription pick- ups in town

d.     Food/supply pick-up in town

Military Veterans and Widows– Call Jim Cook  253 858-8726 or Suzanne Winkler 253 884-7737
c.     Prescription pick- ups in town

e.  Check-in Volunteers  - Regular phone calls to people who are isolated

  • Island Information related to Coronavirus

1)   The Island Sounder – The special Coronavirus edition and any subsequent special editions of The Island Sounder will be available for anyone on island and can be picked up at:
a.     The AI General Store
b.    The AI Community Club

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