American Legion

Ralph L Barsanti Memorial Post 265

Anderson Island, Washington

Monthly General Meeting Minutes

Ralph Barsanti General Meeting 12 September 2020

*** The original minutes were lost in a technology crash. These are written as remembered***


    1st Vice Commander Paul Smith opened the meeting at 1000



    Pledge of Allegiance



    Officers present:

    Paul Smith- 1st Vice

    Andy Knudson- 2nd Vice

    Erin Cooper -Adjutant

    Duane Anders- Chaplain

    Carl Todd- Service Officer

    Ray Mohr- Historian

    Darrell Beck- Bingo Manager


    Quilts of Valor – Barbra Knudson

    Quilts awarded to:

     John Bezusko (Marine)

     Richard Throm Jr. (Army)

    Geoffrey Fale (Army)

    Peter Yohann (Marine)

  • will have pictures of monument and pics of Quilts of Valor Awardees from today. Public is welcomed to view website.

  • Café 265

    Every Tuesday at 10:00am at community center. Food will be from crock instead of soup, homemade pastries.

    Officer’s Report

    1st Vice Commander Paul Smith- Renew membership for 2021. Bingo sponsorship list is on hold until Bingo is back.

    2nd Vice Commander Andy Knudson- Annual picnic is October 22- Historical society is not allowing gatherings. We are looking at different options.

    Adjutant Erin Cooper- Our total renewal membership is at 38%.

    Bingo Manager Darrell Beck - Tentative date /approval to restart Bingo is dependent on the governor’s direction to move into phase 3 of COVID-19 response

    Service Officer Carl Todd- Nothing new to report

    New Business


    Upcoming Events

    Café 265 Every Tuesdays at 10:00am. Social Distancing is maintained

    22 July (tentative) Bingo reopening


    1st Vice Commander closes meeting with a moment of silence to remember 9-11 and those that lost their lives as a consequence of that day and the sacrifices made afterwards.
























Our mailing address is: American Legion Post 265

11019 Country Club Drive

Anderson Island, WA 98303-8649

Commander Jim Cook (253) 858-8726

Post 265 is a 501(c)19 non-profit organization

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